Hi, my name is Shane Harvey. I’m the owner of SLR Pics Photography.

I got started as a professional photographer because I've always been into cameras and how they work. Combined with a love for photography, I cultivated my talent  and ventured into the artist I am today.

I care about preserving your most precious memories, as much as you do. My business wouldn’t be possible without people like you.  I believe if you're reading this then you’re serious about who you hire to capture your images. My goal every time I photograph is provide a better service to each client. I always strive for improvement.

SLR Pics Photography is worth the investment and the trust. I never let an image leave the studio without being website worthy.

On the actual day of the event I always make sure to bring a positive mental attitude. It helps the photography and the atmosphere of any event. Expect a smile! I will be very attentive to every detail of your event from start to finish. I love people and I’m excellent with coordinating shots and interacting with guests. If you like my portfolio hire me as your professional photographer for your next event and thats what ill deliver.

I make it easy to connect.I accept text messages, emails and phone calls. I usually have a response to you in 10 mins. Try me now and we may just be a good fit for your next event. When you book SLR Pics Photography you can be sure expect a 5 Star Experience from start to finish.